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Freeze Dried Air Crunchies

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Freeze drying puts the air in Air Crunchies. As the freeze dryer removes liquid, little air bubbles are created inside, leaving you with a crunchy, flavorful snack!

Our 2 oz bag is great for testing out, giving as a party favor, or an addition to a gift basket.

BUY MORE AND SAVE: Our 5 oz bag is perfect for serious snacking, sharing with friends, or gifting to candy lovers.

Customer Reviews

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I love these and the starburst -- well and the salt water taffy, and the milk duds. Okay, I love it all! I am now ordering the largest bags and more than one at a time so I always have them on hand when the house gremlins find them and only leave me one in an otherwise empty bag! You have to try these. Hard to describe but so delicious!

Christie Marrero
Freeze dried jolly ranchers

The freeze dried jolly ranchers are my absolute favorite of all the candies I’ve tried. I absolutely love them from your store and refuse to order from anywhere else. Thanks so much for also sending the orders out so fast. My kids and I look forward to receiving them.

Abby Andrews
Freeze dried air candy's

They are amazing... Will purchase more from them... Never had this store let me down with the taste