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Freeze Dried Salt Water Taffy

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Once you try Freeze Dried Salt Water Taffy, you'll never be able to go back to the plain old sticky stuff! Freeze Drying Taffy transforms it from a soft gooey mess into a crunchy, airy, melt-in-your-mouth flavor bomb. With so many flavors to try, these are a crowd pleaser and sure to WOW everyone.

Large 1.5 oz bag - Great for testing out, giving as a party favor, or an addition to a gift basket.

Extra Large 3 oz bag - Perfect for serious snacking, sharing with friends, or gifting to candy lovers.

PLEASE NOTE: Sizes of pieces may vary. We do our best to securely package each item. However, contents may settle or break in transit due to fragility of freeze dried food. If your product arrives with small pieces in the bag, don't throw them away! Sprinkle them on top of Ice Cream, Yogurt, or Icing for the ultimate treat.

Customer Reviews

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Diane Otto
These are my favorite

The freeze-dried salt water taffy is my favorite of everything I tried. Literally melts in your mouth with sugary taffy goodness. Now if I could just get an entire bag of an individual flavor I would be in heaven. They are all great, but I definitely have favorites and I really dislike black licorice flavor.

Lesley Bommarito

Freeze Dried Salt Water Taffy

Emily S

They melt in your mouth without all the stickiness and are delicious!